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The dust cloud - Timberline trail, Oregon

November 05, 2017
Timberline trail around Mt. Hood was beautiful trail in all respect. Fording rivers, beautiful lush green of the Mt. Hood National Forest, crossing across steep ravines a...
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Lessons on Mithril Dihedral

September 17, 2017
Me and my partner climbed Mithral Dihedral, a 5.9+ or 5.10a 1000 feet long alpine route on Mt. Russell in the High Sierras, California. Mt. Russell has an elevation of 14...
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A time lapse video of the milky way rising over Mt. Whitney

August 31, 2017
Just 24 hours before I shot this time lapse, we (myself & Prajakta [PK]) were benighted on a small 4x4 feet ledge around 14000 feet high up on Mt. Russell. We climbed th...
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The gaps of life

July 25, 2017
I love this photograph. Just the feel associated with it. If you are interested in behind the scene descriptions, here it goes. I was ambling aimlessly through the busy...
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The urge to be different

July 21, 2016
We all urge to be different than the rest of the crowd; an urge that is mainly cultivated by our contemporary lifestyles and social interactions. In our efforts to be per...
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Photography: A subtractive art

July 10, 2016
Photographic art is often compared to painting. Technical comparisons often draw parallels on the over-abused rules of composition, perspective and scale. Pictorialist ph...
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Photography: Internal impression of an external world

July 03, 2016
For a major part of the last couple of years I have experienced something that I would like to call as 'the 500px burnout'. I have been following and consuming a number o...
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It is not what it used to be

April 22, 2016
'It is not what used to be' said the taxi driver as he ruefully shrugged off my question. Then after a momentary pause he said that times have changed and we no longer sh...
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My experience of Singapore in 13 images and a few more words

April 02, 2016
Click here to go to my itinerary directly; or continue reading to experience Singapore and its essence as I felt it. I spent nine days in Singapore trying to gather the...
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An aerial view of Singapore HarbourFront

March 19, 2016
I don't often get a chance to frame something from high up and this one was a welcome opportunity. This shot is framed during a cable car ride spanning across the Singapo...
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