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Moon star with the Rokinon ultrawide: A moonlit landscape in Kings Canyon National Park

October 03, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Moon star with Rokinon ultrawideMoon star with Rokinon ultrawideWhen pointed at a direct light source, the lens flare created by the bulbous front element of the Rokinon ultrawide is distinctly evident. However, the crisp and clear nightscape capabilities of the lens and the value for money it offers in this genre is unsurpassed by any, except for the new Nikkor 14-24 glass may be.

Lens flare is always going to be a problem with the big bulbous front element of Rokinon 14mm ultrawide. Point it directly at any bright source and flare is going to be a serious issue. As much as I love this lens for its crisp sharp pictures and excellent nightscape performance, sun stars and spikes although possible, is not really the forte of this lens. 

If you are fascinated by those spiky sun stars shots, get the Canon 16-35mm f.28 instead. It is a stellar performer overall.

This shot is taken at Granite Basin in Kings Canyon National Park on a nearly full-moon night. The moonlight sheen on the surface of the waters along with the six-point moon stars and green meadows creates for a wonderful nocturnal ambiance. In addition to that, although overwhelmed by the brightness of the moon, the stars manage to make their presence felt in the sky. Also, in this case the flare doesn't seem to be really interfering with the frame in a distracting way, but I would have preferred not to have it at all.


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